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Medical Applications

We have a new department

Body Sensor Networks 2009

We have branched out and formed a new department that is focused specifically on medical applications. We are predominantly working with PC Tablet apps for doctors and nurses as well as paramedics. We hope that our medical applications will eventually make a real difference in the lives of both patients and medical practicioners.
Information Technology Research
Our breakthroughs in app technology is solely made possible by our R&D department for Information Technology Research. We have found a way in which to combine our app development kit with other SDK's to provide a powerful tool set for information technology app developers.

Sport and Leisure Applications

Sports and Leisure Applications That Have Real Use
Too many apps that were marketed as a great way for app users to watch sports and enjoy events on their smartphones eventually collapsed because of improper licensing arrangements, third party software failure and dependence of apps on those controlled softwares. BSN Apps has 2009 licensed, proprietary development applications that allow our apps to be independent of third party software. This means that the end user gets high quality apps that they can use to watch their favorite sports or enjoy a leisurely game without having to download other software or worry that their app will lose functionality in the future. Media kits and  TV online apps are becoming one of the fastest growing in membership according to Apple and much of our current development has gone into the integration of television and internet apps to create smart television.  Along with Siri technology, you can expect your apps to take on a more useful role in the near future.
•Developer Friendly SDK
•Easy to Create Objects
•Smart SQL
•Cloud Data Storage Capable
Tired of Software Development Kits that have a Learning Curve?
Our SDK is easy to use, comes with full documentation and paid support. If you need assistance or a trainer for our SDK, you may schedule a Skype appointment or fly out one of our trainers. Please make sure to secure a trainer at least 3 months in advance. Our Podcast is also available on internet radio or can be downloaded by program from our server.
Gaming Applications
What app development company is so stuff that they don't have a gaming applications department? Not ours! When we aren't developing medical applications or changing the ways that apps are made, then we are building gaming applications. Sure, it's a hobby, but our gaming applications are crushing the standards of what is expected from apps now.  Gaming apps have become a part of modern culture in that they can be found on computers, smartphones and tablet pcs in the millions. Gaming apps that  are being used by the military for strategy building have made their way into the mainstream and new information is being collected by non-military game players for use in the development of in-field strategies.  
Smarter Apps Body Sensor Network 2009
Our organization creates apps that will be used now and in the future to change the lives of all humanity for the better. The application of our technology can be found in hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and any category of science and technology which even includes gaming companies looking to create faster and more responsive applications for PC, MAC and smartphones.
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