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Our Applications are Being Used in the Neural Net
Biosensors used in medical applications are now being monitored by smartphone applications. Biofeedback used to monitor sports activities, resting heartbeat, blood pressure and more is now possible because of our applications. Networking the human mind and body to our current technology is a feat that doctors and engineers like us have been working on for years. Medical applications, monitoring the home and securing facilities are only some of the great ways tha this new technology will make lives better every day.


• June 2007
• May 2007

We are holding a workshop for members of local Universities in June.

Please reserve your seats now for our symposium on sensor networks in medical applications and sports medicine. The conference will have thousands of researchers and developers in attendance. If you are an academic researcher in the field of industrial or medical applications of smartphone, wireless or biosense technology, then you will want to attend.

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Hotel Dates and Dates for Paper Submission Will be Posted Shortly

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Workshop Programs Accepted papers will be included in the workshop program if accepted before April. Papers that are accepted after April will appear at the 6th symposium the following year. With continued international interest in applications research and dev, our innovations are creating a stir. Invited professionals, professors and industry leaders will be in attendance to improve their healthcare applications, and address key issues of technology when applied to medicine.

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